Putin spoke about the future of Russian troops in Syria

Vladimir Polypropolene: Russia began to withdraw its troops from Syria

Two points of Russian troops will act in Syria on a permanent basis in Tartus and Mamimi. This was stated by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his visit to the country, RIA Novosti reported.

Putin also said that Syria continues to work with the Russian center for the reconciliation of the warring parties.

According to the President, VKS has done with the mission in the country. “The task of combating armed bandits here in Syria, a task that had to be addressed through large-scale use of armed forces in General solved solved brilliantly,” — said Putin during a visit to Hamina.

Earlier, Putin ordered to withdraw troops from Syria. Senator Viktor Ozerov said that it can be done “in weeks or even days.”

December 6, Moscow announced a complete liberation of Syria from the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia). Videoconferencing was introduced on the territory of the Republic in September 2015 at the request of Damascus.

Background: Putin ordered to withdraw troops from Syria