Links election circuit

Links election circuit

Maxim Kononenko that Vladimir Putin is not doing anything unexpected.

After the announcement of Vladimir Putin’s nomination for the presidential elections, political analysts explained why it was done on the Gas. But in anticipation of this application, the signals of support “from above” has received a huge social group — which can be interpreted as the position of Putin in the next presidential campaign.

It is considered that Vladimir Putin never does what’s expected of him, people who make plans. Over the years, mapping solutions and expectations has become a kind of exciting game, absorbed the best minds of the expert community, of enthusiastic poets to the dull pragmatists. Almost no one ever guessed (except for the occasional hits like predictions Vladimir Pribylovsky the Prime Minister, Viktor Zubkov or Alexei Venediktov presidency of Dmitry Medvedev). And the stranger that is not consistent with the predictions, the unexpected announcement of Putin’s participation in presidential elections of 2018 has caused such an avalanche of gossip. Because it is unclear what this particular situation is different from any previous one, which pique vests similarly, the expected decisions of the President and tried to predict its date and content.

You wanted he announced the nomination at a press conference? He did not do that. You wanted he announced the nomination after the announcement of the elections? He did not do that. You wanted he announced the nomination in January or February? He did not do that. You wanted he did not declare on the nomination amid the scandal with the disqualification of the Russian national Olympic Committee? I’m not sure what you expected.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that know a lot about authors wrote in an anonymous telegrams channels about the inevitable complete media silence of Putin until the day of his nomination, any careful observer could have noticed a dramatic increase of public activity for a week and a half before the incident.