Identified a new group of Russian hackers

Experts talk about a group of Russian hackers MoneyTaker (MT), robbing banks around the world. On Monday, December 11, reports “Kommersant”.

“MoneyTaker works in 2016 and this time managed to make about 20 attacks, mainly on banks in Russia, USA and great Britain”, — the newspaper writes and notes that reveal the group failed until now.

In an international company to prevent and investigate cybercrime Group-IB MoneyTaker attributed to Russian hackers, as the investigation revealed that they used servers in Russia. “There are other signs indicating that one or more members of the MT Russian-speaking, however, we do not disclose them, as we continue to work on the disclosure of the incident”, — have explained in Group-IB.

Hackers MT set on the servers of legitimate tools used by banks for carrying out penetration tests in the system. However, the server of the criminals has a fundamental difference: he is not looking for the attack, and manages them. It is noted that the attackers of MT are not exchanged on the little things, also they are patient and always waiting for a convenient moment, even if they have managed to infiltrate the system.

On 6 December, the Central Bank warned of impending hacker attacks on the accounts of the Russians before the New year. “Attackers are getting ready to attack the New year, at the peak of the payments until their activity fell,” — said Deputy head of the main Department of the Central Bank for security and information protection Artem Sychev.