Germany wanted a United States of Europe

Sigmar Gabriel

Foreign Minister of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, backed the idea of the leader of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) Martin Schulz on the establishment by 2025 of the United States of Europe. About it reports TV channel ARD.

According to the head of the German foreign Ministry, the European Union should become a defender of its citizens around the world. He added that this is impossible when each state by itself. “The world is changing. Asia, Latin America, Africa. Only Europe is getting smaller (…) And if we don’t act together, our children will lose votes in the future,” he explained.

Gabriel noted that politicians are often criticized for the lack of vision of how the EU develops. “Now Martin Schulz had the idea of how things should develop in Europe, so everything is immediately pounced on him”, — said the German Minister. He said that the plan of the leader of the social Democrats aimed at making the EU “a representative of the interests of citizens.”

7 Dec Martin Schulz stated the need for the constitutional Treaty, which would “provide for the establishment of a Federal Europe”, because currently “Europe is dysfunctional on many issues”.

According to public opinion polls, previously, the Germans rejected the idea of creating a United States of Europe.