American argued about the bacon at McDonald’s and sat in jail

Widna St. Jean

In the us state of Florida have arrested a 24-year-old Wido St. Jean after the incident at McDonald’s. Reported by the New York Post.

In a fast food restaurant came a woman, dissatisfied with the freshness of the bacon in your sandwich. The staff began to explain to her that the products are fresh. However, she refused to believe it, citing the fact that earlier worked at McDonald’s.

St. Jean stood up for his girlfriend — one of the employees of the restaurant. According to American women, she didn’t like the tone of the customer was talking to her friend. After the client have replaced all of the bacon, she went to her car, but Widna calmed down, went after her and re-entered the fray.

Gradually, the conflict escalated into a fight. St. Jean had struck the opponent on the head and badly scratched forearm. She had been charged with misconduct. What is the threatened punishment is not specified.