Trump demanded to dismiss a journalist for a tweet with a photo of the half-empty hall

Donald trump has demanded to dismiss the journalist of the newspaper The Washington Post, Dave Weigel lead for the tweet with a photo of the half-empty hall allegedly at the time of the President’s speech. He wrote about this in his Twitter.

Weigel had previously posted on his account on the microblog message with a photo of empty seats in the hall in Pensacola (Florida), accompanied by the image signature “hammered to the top”. The President responded to the tweet and demanded a retraction from the newspaper. Also, the White house has published a few shots confirming the notice.

Weigel later deleted that tweet and apologized, adding that he was misled. However, trump was unhappy with this and demanded to take against the journalist stringent measures.

Some readers of the presidential account indicated to Trump that Weigel posted a photo on his personal blog, and the head of state must not pay attention to such trifles.