Saakashvili’s supporters have put forward four requirements

Saakashvili’s supporters have put forward four requirements

Supporters of the former Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili has put forward four requirements to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine during the rally, which was held in the center of Kiev on Sunday, December 10.


One of the main conditions was the adoption of the law on impeachment of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, UNIAN reports.

“The first requirement is the law of impeachment. The second requirement is the law on the anti-corruption court. A third requirement of the second reading to adopt the electoral law, because the first reading we have defended on October 19. And the fourth requirement is the resignation of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko”, — said Olha halabala, a representative of the party “Movement new forces”, whose leader is Saakashvili.

She explained that all of the requirements, Parliament will need to run from 19 to 22 Dec. In addition, Halabala urged all citizens of Ukraine tomorrow to start to hold meetings at all administrative institutions of the country.

According to local police, the rally in the center of the Ukrainian capital was attended by about 2,5 thousand people, reports RIA Novosti. They marched from the Park of Taras Shevchenko to Independence square, and then moved to the building of the detention center of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU), which is currently Saakashvili. Another March supporters of the policy expect to spend the following Sunday, December 17.

Employees of SBU detained Saakashvili in Kyiv on 8 December. As reported, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko, a politician was placed in a temporary detention facility. A previous attempt to arrest him on 5 December failed to the security forces — the supporters of the leader of the “Movement of new forces” surrounded the van in which he was, and released him.