Moskalkova said the progress in the protection of human rights in Russia

Moskalkova said the progress in the protection of human rights in Russia

MOSCOW, 10 Dec — RIA Novosti. People today are much more protected, but challenges remain in the housing and prison system, in the awareness of the people about their rights — the field of improvement of safeguards is still high. On the eve of the International day of human rights Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova told RIA Novosti on the status of the human rights system in Russia.

System problems

The difference between rich and poor, the insufficient level of guarantees for young professionals, dissatisfaction with the judicial system and the result — all these issues remain relevant for Russia, said Moskalkova.

She said that the work of the Ombudsman to all citizens is based on individual approaches, and recalled that each year, the Ombudsman considers all complaints to determine the most critical systemic problems.

“Today we see that a large part of appeals related to housing. So we need to work hard. A large number (of complaints) related to people with disabilities: people are unhappy that they don’t set the group or even denied disability, they are unable to means of rehabilitation that do not take into account when providing housing for their disease,” — said Moskalkova.

She noted that no less important problems are present in the political sphere. According to the Ombudsman, 2017 at the office of the Commissioner has repeatedly received complaints about the refusal to hold meetings without providing a decent alternative sites. People perceived this situation as a violation of their right to freedom of expression, she said.

“In particular, from St. Petersburg came to me such requests from other cities. People put the correct question that we need to work and find… don’t Let it be Red square, but the place is kind of public because they are unhappy when they are sent to such remote locations where the event could be meaningless… It is very hard to find a compromise of opposing interests, but that the task of the authorities”, explained the Ombudsman.

Crime and punishment