“Lost” man-synthol “arms-Bazooka -” alive

Cyril Tereshin

A resident of Pyatigorsk Cyril Tereshin has deceived the subscribers, saying that they had escaped from the “hands-bazookas”. After eight hours after the announcement that “bazookas Khan,” he posted a photo with bulging muscles and the caption “live bazookas, bazookas will live on.”

The previous post with the taped “deflated” muscles it removed.

Photo: Kirill Tereshina page in “Vkontakte”

Tereshin became famous in the network due to the huge muscles in your arms, inflated with the drug of synthol. According to doctors, the blow-up muscles with synthol can cause them to atrophy, and the substance — to the loss of limbs.

Tereshina dubbed “man-synthol” and his hands “bazookas”. After a wave of ridicule and popularity in the network, he was invited to show Andera Malakhov. In an interview with YouTube channel “The People”, he claimed that he was offered 350 thousand dollars for shooting in American porn, but he refused.

Background: Person-synthol was left without a “hands-bazookas”