In the subway of St. Petersburg noticed a passenger with a grenade launcher

Police in St. Petersburg is looking for man who allegedly rode with a grenade launcher in the subway. On Sunday, December 10, according to “Fontanka”.

According to the newspaper, to the police about a suspicious man was reported by another passenger subway. She said that at about 08:50 on Saturday morning, December 9, at the station “Novocherkasskaya” noticed a train passenger with manual anti-tank grenade launcher. The face of a stranger concealed hood pulled low and dark glasses.

At the station “Dostoevskaya” the man came out, a concerned passenger later reported his observations to the police officer in the lobby of the station “Moskovskye Vorota”.

As confirmed by publication in the regional head office of the Ministry of interior, law enforcement agencies have appealed to 27-year-old citizen, reported that in the train in the subway I noticed a man with allegedly suspicious items. At present on this fact an inspection is carried out.

On 3 April in the subway of St. Petersburg on the stretch between the stations “Institute of Technology” and “Sennaya Ploschad” there was an explosion, which killed 15 people and an alleged suicide bomber. According to the investigation, he took the subway two explosive devices in fire extinguishers. One of them found on the “Vosstaniya Square” and the other he brought into action. In the case of the terrorist attack arrested nine people.