In Stockholm ceremony of delivery of Nobel prizes

In Stockholm ceremony of delivery of Nobel prizes

STOCKHOLM, 10 Dec. /Offset. TASS Irina Dergacheva/. King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf presented Sunday at the Stockholm Philharmonic, the Nobel prize in 2017 on medicine, physics, chemistry, literature and Economics. Eleven winners of the most prestigious awards in the world took from the hands of the monarch diplomas and gold medals.

Opened the ceremony the Chairman of the Board of the Nobel Foundation Carl-Henrik Heldin noted that the values expressed in the will of Alfred Nobel, is still relevant today. “Humanistic values, critical thinking, search for scientific facts and true knowledge should be the basis of our actions and decisions — both in our personal life and in politics and business,” he said.

After opening remarks by the chair of the relevant Committee of Nobel laureates appeared on stage, traditionally decorated with thousands of fresh flowers, where from the hands of the king took the gold medals and individual certificates, while in the centre of a circle enclosing the letter “N” — the symbol of the Nobel Foundation and the Nobel prizes.

The winners

In physiology and medicine award was given to American biologists Michael young, Jeffrey Hall and Michael Rosbash — discoverers of the mechanism of so-called biological clock that works in almost all living cells.

In the section “physics” winners were Americans Rainer Weiss, Kip Thorne and Barry Barish for the decisive contribution to the LIGO project (Laser interferometric gravitational-wave Observatory), as well as “the observation of gravitational waves”.