In Russia believed schizophrenics

In Russia believed schizophrenics

Specialists of the National medical research centre of psychiatry and addiction psychiatry named after VP Serbian evaluated the incidence of schizophrenia in different regions of Russia. It is reported by RT.

The largest number of schizophrenics per 100 thousand population was discovered in the Central Federal district 370,9 patients. Second and third places went to the Ural and Siberian region — 343,2 and 343,1 cases per 100 thousand people, respectively. Least likely, according to doctors, schizophrenia suffer in the North Caucasus — 288 patients per 100 thousand population.

“It is impossible even to assume, what is the reason for the difference is still a mystery. The need for special studies on the medical and geographic data. A lot depends on the quality of life of the population. But mostly you need to analyze the quality of psychiatric care in the regions: how to timely detect the disease, educate about the population, how they work with patients,” commented the head of Department of epidemiological and organizational problems of psychiatry center named after V. P. Serbskiy Boris Kazakovtsev.

According to the study, Russia is home to 488,5 thousands of patients with this mental disorder. This is 1.1 percent less than in 2011.