Disrupt the screening of the film about the battalion “Aydar” were the activists of the SERB

Igor Beketov (Gosh Tarasevich)

The leader of the SERB Igor Beketov, known as gosh Tarasevich, told “Interfax” that he and his colleagues involved in the disruption of the screening of the film “Flying bullets” in the Moscow cinema “October”.

“Yes, it was us. I am now in the paddy wagon going to the police station. All we were detained three people,” said Beketov.

In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” he said that the detainees have already come out of the paddy wagon. Beketov said that the action “Oct” was also attended by the activists of the SERB, “and the militia of Donbass, and the Russian militia, and the guys from the Crimea”.

Also the leader of the movement explained why it was decided to disrupt the show. “The film, which glorifies the murderers of the Russian people in the Donbass, not Russia. There were shown real soldiers that kill the people of Donbass”, — said Beketov.

Screening of “Flight of the bullets” was held in the framework of the festival “Artdocfest”, but was cancelled after the “October” rushed a group of several dozen people who demanded an end to the session. It was reported that someone of the activists doused the screen in the urine, while others chanted anti-fascist slogans.

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“Bullets flying” shot in the Donbas in August 2014. Directed by Beata Bells. To Moscow shows the tape removed without adhesions, held in Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg. The controversy over the film caused the main characters are the soldiers of the Ukrainian volunteer battalion “Aydar”, several members of which adheres to a neo-Nazi views.

Background: Fifty adherents of the new Russia broke in the cinema “October”