A native of Uzbekistan because of love kill the opponent in Saint-Petersburg

25-year-old native of Uzbekistan named Abductor on the landing on the Kazanskaya street in St. Petersburg dealt a fatal blow to the temple 32-year-old man named Edward. According to the publication “Fontanka” with reference to sources in law enforcement bodies, the conflict arose over a girl.

Edward was trying to get home to his former lover, but he let Abdusator to which the girl has been kind lately. Abdusator professionally engaged in struggle, Eduardo struck a fatal blow to the head.

After a perfect native of Central Asia tried to escape. Police managed to apprehend him two hours later at the apartment of fellow countrymen.

In October in Bashkiria have detained the local resident on suspicion in murder of the spouse. The reason was swearing to my husband in response to a request to admit love.