Trump has assigned US the victory in two world wars, and commended myself for shelling Syria

Donald Trump

Donald trump said that the US is a nation who won the First and the Second world war. He said this, speaking to supporters in Pensacola (Florida), reports RIA Novosti.

He also made the list of the merits of the US sending a man to the moon, digging the Panama canal and the fact that the country “has put communism to its knees.”

Trump also once again criticized the policy of the last President. According to him, during the leadership of Barack Obama “America showed weakness and did not go over the “red lines”. If we went over the line, then Russia and Iran would not go to Syria.” He praised himself for 59 “beautiful missiles”, which was released on Syria of 7 April in response to the alleged use by the Syrian authorities of chemical weapons.

August 2, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has set himself credit for the adoption of new U.S. sanctions against Russia. “As we agreed in Washington, the Congress voted, and Donald trump have signed,” he said.

July 13, trump considered himself the most productive President in US history. According to him, in five months of being at the helm of the country he was able to do more than any other American leader.