Thousands of Russians parcels stuck at customs

At customs and warehouses, carriers are stuck with thousands of packages of Russians. About it RIA Novosti said the Director of development of the Russian aggregator services deliveries Shiptor Andrei Lyamin.

According to him, foreign the Internet-shops and courier services suffer losses due to new regulations of the Federal customs service (FCS), which in the experiment, ordered the buyers to provide your INN and links purchased overseas goods, to reduce the risk of importation of the goods on the nominees. “innovation no one was ready. Foreign online stores have just started to collect the necessary customer data. So part of the cargo contains INN, part — no,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Lyamin said that the stores have not yet developed a mechanism for providing was the custom, so the scale of the problems are difficult to predict. “Delays with delivery will definitely be”, — he warned.

In FCS, 5 Dec assured that there are no delays due to the actions of agencies is not expected. “If the acquittal was no delays in the release of goods by customs authorities does not arise,” — said in the service.

Now duty exempt goods from abroad in the amount of not more than one thousand euros (69.6 thousand) and weighing no more than 31 kilograms.

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