The authorities of San Francisco to restrict the movement of robots on sidewalks

The authorities of San Francisco to restrict the movement of robots on sidewalks

On the movement of cargo robots on the sidewalks of San Francisco imposed a number of restrictions, concerning both their number and areas in which they can be used.

Limitations approved by the District Council San Francisco, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

In recent years, the development of commercial robotics has led to that began to appear in projects that use wheeled robots to transport goods around town for short distances — for delivery sushi, pizza and just food from the store. Typically, such devices are not full of cars from the point of view of the law, so they can only move on sidewalks and usually no problems. However, sometimes these robots can cause discomfort to pedestrians, especially in crowded areas or on narrow sidewalks.

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In San Francisco experienced their robots from three companies: Marble, Dispatch and Starship Technologies.

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Until recently, on the movement of robots do not overlap with virtually no restrictions, although, as noted by the San Francisco Chronicle, some of the initiative group drew attention to the fact that the movement of a large number of robots on sidewalks can be unsafe, especially for seniors, persons with disabilities and children. One of the members of the District Council of San Francisco General initially proposed to prohibit the movement of robots on the sidewalk, but in the end, the authorities adopted a number of restrictions that must be observed when using robots.