Scientists have disproved the myth of “safe” oral contraceptives

Scientists have disproved the myth of “safe” oral contraceptives

MOSCOW, 8 Dec — RIA Novosti. Danish experts conducted a large-scale study of side effects of oral contraceptives and came to the conclusion that such drugs increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Work published in The New England Journal of Medicine, briefly about it writes The Independent.

The authors analyzed data on the health status of 1.8 million Danish women aged 15 to 49 years. They calculated that taking the pill gives one additional case of breast cancer per year for every 7.7 thousand patients using this kind of contraception.

The specialists say that women aged 40 years is better to refuse birth control because in their case the negative trend is more pronounced.

The scientists also found that modern drugs with a moderate amount of estrogen present less danger than previously released medication that contains high doses of hormone.