Russia was accused of conducting “cool war”

Gavin Williamson

British defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has described relations between the United Kingdom and Russia, “the cool war”. His words conveys the Daily Mail.

According to the official, Russian President Vladimir Putin “is at war” against great Britain on several levels. Williamson has accused Russia in an attempt to hurt British interests. He expressed concern that relations between the two countries are in the worst condition in history.

Williamson also stated the need to take measures against “Russian Internet trolls” who are trying to undermine the British economy.

In November, Prime Minister Theresa may, in his annual speech on foreign policy, announced the unwillingness of London to return to the cold war with Russia.

In addition, the head of the British government has accused Russia in an effort to “make weapons” of meddling in elections, and also in hacker attacks on the Ministry of defence of Denmark and the German Parliament.