Ruselectronics showed a device management technique by the sight

Ruselectronics showed a device management technique by the sight

The holding company Ruselectronics of state Corporation rostec Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru told about the development of a prototype of the mobile device responsive to movement of the human eye. In the future, this technology will help to drive various vehicles by sight.

The innovative system is able to capture eye movement, it can distinguish people is going to pass some kind of control signal, or simply looks around. A special tracker, which is mounted on the head and forehead of a person, provides a record of a number of parameters of the eye movement. In the future, a prototype may become part of a complex of registration and analysis of various biophysical signals in natural conditions (Mobile Brain / Body Imaging).

The hardware device is a glasses equipped with two pairs of digital cameras. Front facing cameras that can record information about the environment, which is delivered to the user, the other two — with infrared illumination and tracking the movement of his eyes. Software tracker allows the calculation of at least seven of the most common metrics oculomotor behavior.

Already submitted to the tracker can be used for medical purposes or in a commercial — in assessing the effectiveness of the advertising materials or the website interface. In the future, technology will be used to control a control signal in interactive systems.

Now the trekker has already been applied in neuroventures ADK-01, designed for people whose consciousness is preserved, but they are completely immobilized. The headset used a special screen, which displays the user interface. Locking eye movement and the time interval during which the view of the patient focuses on a particular letter, the device displays the letter on the external monitor. Thus, the patient is able to communicate with others.

The cost of this solution is now about 350 thousand rubles.