Muscovites complained about the “hell smell” sour cabbage

Moscow residents complain massively in social networks to a strong smell is spread throughout the city and mainly in the Central areas. The discussion started in the group of residents of the district of Khamovniki in Facebook after noon on Friday, December 8.

Some users said that it appeared night, and noted that in the districts of Sokol Airport, it is also noticed. Another said that the residents of Ramenki, too, could feel it.

In the group “Meshchansky district of Moscow,” they write that the odor is strong in the area of metro station “Taganskaya”, “Riga”, and “Paveletskaya”. “Barbarian, opposite to the Charge the smell of hell,” writes one commenter.

However, users note that it is more like sauerkraut than is typical for hydrogen sulfide smell of rotten eggs.

As RIA Novosti press-service of the Department of natural resources Moscow, specialists Mosekomonitoring already carried out air measurements on the appeals of citizens. The complaints came from the Central, North-Eastern, Northern, and Eastern districts of the city.

“At the moment in areas where there is a smell, exceeding of maximum permissible concentration of polluting substances it is not revealed”, — said in the Department. It added that the air will also be tested on an extended list of hazardous substances. The results will be ready in two days.

According to the status of the air, published by Mosekomonitoring portal of the mayor and government of Moscow, on 16:00 December 8 air pollution in the capital is estimated as low. “In the night hours possible short-term deterioration [weather ]conditions for the dispersion of emissions”, — stated in the message.

The REN TV channel without specifying its sources, said that the smell in the Central districts of Moscow can be associated with reclamation work on a garbage landfill Nekrasovka, where now began a planned clearing of old blockages waste. The spread of smell could contribute to weather conditions, including temperature extremes.