Biography Of Leonid Bronevoi

Biography Of Leonid Bronevoi

TASS-FILE. On 9 December it became known that at the age of 88 years died film and theater actor Leonid Bronevoy.

Leonid Bronevoy was born on 17 Dec 1928 in Kiev. He studied at the music school at the Kyiv Conservatory on a violin class. In 1937, the father’s Armor was arrested as an enemy of the people, and Leonid’s mother was deported to Kirov oblast.

To return to Kyiv family was allowed only in 1941 but the war started and they were in evacuation in Kazakhstan. There Leonid Bronevoy graduated from high school and enrolled at the Tashkent Institute of theatrical art named A. N. Ostrovsky.

In 1950 Armor was distributed in Magnitogorsk drama theatre named after A. S. Pushkin. After some time he went to Orenburg, where he began performing on the stage of the local drama theatre. In 1953, the actor moved to Moscow, where he enrolled at the third course of the School-Studio MXAT.

In 1955, after graduating from the Studio of Armor worked in the theater named after M. Lermontov in Grozny, then in the drama theatre in Irkutsk theatre of a name of A. V. Koltsov in Voronezh. In this period Armour has played in performances of “dog in the manger”, “good luck”, “Enemy”, “Bath”, “Chaika”, etc.