American could not hide his joy about the snow

American could not hide his joy about the snow

MOSCOW, 9 Dec — RIA Novosti. A resident of Louisiana Daquan Bellard took video of his reaction to the rare state of occurrence — snowfall. The video he posted on Twitter, and one day it retweeted more than 8,5 thousand times.

In the video smiling black man with dreadlocks to a song Vanessa Carlton A Thousand Miles dancing in the street with your shirt off. “I’m from Louisiana, it’s not often snows”, — he wrote under the video.

The movie is liked many, including the most Vanessa Carlton, who said in comments that the video of the Bellard exceed original video for this song.

Im from Louisiana, it doesn’t snow here often ? ❄ now ❄ on!!!

— Da Quan Bellard (@AlmightyChipp) 8 Dec 2017

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Snowfall has covered several States in the southern United States. In Louisiana, more than 60 thousand people were left without electricity. The state government has advised people not to use cars and not to leave the house until the Blizzard blows over.