“Adoptadog” dinosaur found in Mongolia

“Adoptadog” dinosaur found in Mongolia

Not a duck and not a crocodile, but a unique dinosaur. Remains found in Mongolia, not only had an excellent view, but also helped to open a new group of ancient semi-aquatic predators related to the VelociRaptor.

Fancy dopotopnye the theropod lived 75 million years ago, had short wings, a narrow jaw with numerous short teeth, well adapted for fishing, and good swimming. It is the latter quality in common Halszkaraptor escuilliei with modern birds, if they were like velociraptors.

The remains were found in Mongolia, but only in 2015, they fell into the hands of scientists, reports Science Daily. Fragile bones have been studied with great care. In result we found out their detailed structure and to establish that the fossil is not a jumble of different bones, and one skeleton, however, unusual.

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— ScienceDaily (@ScienceDaily) January 6, 2017

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The study’s lead author Andre For notes that “the specific structure Halszkaraptor more appropriate for predator-amphibians adapted to life on water and on land. Through the study it is now clear that predatory dinosaurs not only ran and flew, but floated”.

The body of the lizard, which was identified as a separate species, and the subfamily was streamlined. Neck of a Swan, face — sensitive. It seems that holzkurier was able to hunt down prey and cautiously sneak up to it, before suddenly attacking.

The wings of this dinosaur was not adapted for flight, but good for paddling in water. The forelegs resembled flippers, and the rear was located so that the dinosaur was easier to swim.