Academics asked the health Ministry to recognize homeopathy

Academics asked the health Ministry to recognize homeopathy

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Oleg Epstein addressed the health Ministry with a call to recognize a new class of drugs — the so-called release-active substances, which he is developing. In principle they do not differ from homeopathic medicines.

About this in Facebook told popularizer of science and a military doctor Alexei Vodovozov.

Participants of the conference “prospects of application of the release-active drugs in modern medical practice,” discussed the new mechanism of action of drugs — “release activity”, of “discovery” which says Oleg Epstein, and the results of their application in different fields of medicine.

This term reflects the appearance, the release (release) activity in the process of multiple decrease of the concentration. As a result, the substance does not disappear completely, but goes into a different physical form release the active form of the substance whose properties do not depend on present in the breeding molecule of the original substance or not. This activity is associated with the solvent, and the substances produced by this technology are called release-active.Oleg Upstandin-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences

The chief gastroenterologist of Ministry of health Vladimir Ivashkin, pediatrician Boris Blokhin, Professor Natalia Skripchenko, pulmonologist Vladimir Abrosimov, chief urologist Ministry of health Dmitry Pushkar and other participants of the conference spoke in favor of the new drugs, sharing their experiences of their years of application in various fields of medicine.

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The conference adopted a resolution which recommended that the Ministry of health to recognize the release of the active agents are effective and to encourage their further testing and development. They also proposed to take the initiative on amendments to the Federal law “On circulation of medicines”.

Reaction to the news from the evidence-based medicine experts was the statement that now we do not need a Memorandum of lunarfest of homeopathy, and a Memorandum of lunarfest wounds. According to the site List.Org Oleg Epstein, General Director of the company “Materia Medica holding”, producing the drugs with homeopathic concentrations of active substances, although not calling their products homeopathy. Among the products, for example — the drug Anaferon and Alferon.