Ukrainian officials have a snack vodka caviar before chewing the wafer with disabilities

Officials of the Ukrainian city of Korosten suggested that the disabled have buns and waffles at a time until they ate vodka, red caviar, meat delicacies. Writes about this edition of News Front.

This occurred on 3 December at a solemn event dedicated to Day of disabled persons, where they invited representatives of the local administration and blind people. Later in the group “Our Korosten” in Facebook has published footage from the feast, where it is clear that menu for disabled people and officials is very different.

Tables for the blind, mostly elderly, were half empty, they were only dishes with store-bought biscuits, waffles and cakes. While people with disabilities are not even offered tea or plain water. The table officials were cluttered with dishes with a variety of snacks — meat, fish, they also gave caviar, fruit, vodka and wine. The authorities are actively drinking, joking and smiling.

According to the press service of the city Council, as guests of the event were the head of the city Vladimir Moskalenko, MP Mr Oreshenkov, Chairman of the “Association of the leaders of the city of Korosten ‘” Vasily, RF and head of the Department of labour and social protection of the population Vladimir Esin.

Oreshenkov wrote in his Facebook that already made a public apology to the people of the city “for the shame”. His behavior, he explained, hesitating.

“I realize that the scales were delivered to my morality and ability to engage in a Frank argument with the people that lived and worked there for many years. I reproach myself that did not stand up and gone, but nothing changed. (…) I admit, not immediately, but drew attention to the tables, when I was given a word, asked the organizers why they are almost empty, what I heard the explanation that all now delivered. Not delivered… I also could not take from one table to the sausage and transfer to another, because he was at the rights are invited,” — said the official.