The poles considered the inflated cost of American missiles

ABOUT Patriot

Poland is not willing to pay $ 10 billion for the U.S. missile defense system Patriot. This was stated by Deputy head of the defense Ministry of Poland Bartosz Kownacki, according to “Radio Poland”.

“This price is too high. Our experts went to the United States to negotiate about its decline. You should remain calm, it’s just a normal stage of negotiations. It is important to achieve the ultimate goal,” said Kownacki.

Poland plans to acquire U.S. missile defense system Patriot to the latest configuration IBCS, including four modern radar AN/MPQ-65, sixteen launchers M903 and 208 new missiles. The kit should also include test missiles, the fire control system and generators. Taking into account the cost of spare parts, additional equipment and training, the cost of the package could reach $ 10.5 billion.

On 5 December it was reported that the Patriot was useless against Soviet missiles. According to experts The New York Times, protivoraket American production failed to intercept the warhead Burkan-2H, released in November 2017 Yemeni Houthis at the international airport King Khalid in Saudi Arabia.

Patriot American anti-missile complex. Was created 1963 as a universal means of missile defense launch sites troops at medium and high altitudes. Is in service with the US army since 1982. Operators of the complex are the armies of several NATO countries and other us allies: Greece, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Qatar, Kuwait, Spain, Jordan.