The head of the Samara mail forced his subordinates free to build him a cottage

Director of Samara branch of “Mail of Russia” Arthur Igrushkin forced his subordinates to build him a cottage and did not pay them for it. On Friday, December 8, reports Tjournal with reference to the copy of the appeal to the current employees of the organization.

An open letter to the workers addressed to the General Director of “Mail of Russia” the state office of public Prosecutor of the Russian popular front and the Federal security service. In it they said that within one and a half years, the chief sent them to build his country house. There he sent officers not only in the working days, but sometimes in the weekend.

According to the authors, on the site they had to cook and to install a fence, to lay sewers and water mains, to connect the electricity mount the heating system to unload construction materials and equipment, to communicate with utilities providers and local authorities.

All this time the workers did not receive any awards or premiums. Sometimes people had the money to buy the missing materials and tools, but the losses they were never reimbursed. Postal employees explain this by the fact that Igrushkin considered work in his country “a great honour”.

“When the salary of the head of macroregion Igrushkin have the audacity to pay workers their wages and to exploit subordinates for their own benefit. Our work on the construction of his estate was bonded, we worked under the threat of being fired. We worked on the construction of personal home, as slaves in a galley”, — the statement says.

“Mail of Russia” has started official investigation. To business joined the Prosecutor’s office of Samara region. During the investigation Igrushkin was removed from office.