Rosstat calculates how much more expensive new year’s table of Russians in 2017

Rosstat calculates how much more expensive new year’s table of Russians in 2017

MOSCOW, 7 Dec — RIA Novosti. Preparing the Christmas buffet will cost the Russians in 2017, nearly 4% more expensive than in the past, reports Rosstat. Most of all for the year rose red caviar and butter, the price of vodka has increased by 3.5%, while domestic champagne — 4.6%.

Rosstat estimated the cost of a set of food products necessary to prepare the Christmas table for the Russian family of four, based on the price of products at the end of November 2017.

According to the calculations of the statistical office, this year the cost of a set of Christmas products will be 6,096 thousand rubles more than last year (5,875 thousand) by 3.76%.

Snacks and hot

Red caviar, essential for serving festive table, at the end of November rose compared to last year by 18.57% to 756,97 roubles, butter — by 13.57% to 105 rubles. Potatoes for the year was higher by 9.41% and now stands 17.21 ruble, potatoes — by 9.2%, their price has increased to 59.32 ruble.

The price of beef without bones for the year rose 1.19% to 459,42 of the ruble, and in order to provide a Christmas buffet chicken this year will need to pay by 7.93% less than in the past — 127,03 ruble Russian average. Smoked sausage for the year rose by 1.63% to 462,6 ruble, fish — on 5,14%, to 769,91 rubles, cheese — by 5.43%, to 143,03 of the ruble.

To 2017 to prepare your favorite Russian salad “Olivier”, they will need to pay 312,68 ruble, which is 0.84% more than last year.

The value was calculated based on the price of the ingredients of the salad (pickled cucumbers, green peas, potatoes, carrots, eggs, cooked sausage, mayonnaise and onions) at the end of November. But the cooking “Herring under a fur coat” will be the citizens of the country by 1.52% cheaper and will cost 152,61 of the ruble.