“Officials will motivate black list”

“Officials will motivate black list”

Prosecutor General Yury Chaika told how the Supervisory authority counteracts corruption.

On the eve of International day against corruption, the General Prosecutor of Russia Yuri Chaika, the Agency which coordinates the work of all law enforcement bodies to counter corruption, said the head of the Department of crime Maxim Baryudina about the features of this work.

— What is the damage from corruption crimes?

— As follows from the results of investigation of criminal cases, the amount caused by the crimes of corruption of material damage over the past two years and three quarters amounted to more than 148 billion rubles. Acting primarily to protect the interests of society and state prosecutors jointly with other law enforcement agencies solve problems on minimization and liquidation of consequences of acts of corruption. Thanks to the taken measures it was succeeded to improve the performance for compensation of damages. Voluntarily repaid the damages amounted to more than 11 billion rubles. Adopted measures to ensure its collection worth more than 78 billion rubles we are Talking about the confiscated and arrested property.

— Not counting billions Colonel Zakharchenko?

We are now talking about the data of criminal statistics, that is, on criminal cases. And the claim of the General Prosecutor’s office to the wise about applying to the income of the state almost 9 billion rubles— civil. The submission of such claims on the treatment of the income of the Russian Federation of the property in respect of which no evidence of purchase on the legitimate income — special powers of the prosecutors on the supervision of the execution of the law on control over expenses of officials. By the way, the same procedure has been followed in the case of former Governor of the Sakhalin region prizes. Such authority we have received in 2013 in the framework of the implementation of the provisions of article 20 of the UN Convention against corruption and the responsibility for illegal enrichment.

Since 2013 there have been over 14.6 thousand violations of the law, initiated more than 900 procedures for monitoring costs.

Prosecutors announced dozens of claims of forfeiture to the state of property acquired on unconfirmed incomes for the sum more than 12 billion rubles, including the claim to Zakharchenko.

I note that such claims are brought not only on the initiative of the employees of the Central office of the Prosecutor General — not less-active work is conducted by the regional Prosecutor’s offices. In the Republic of Bashkortostan in November, the court satisfied the claim of Prosecutor about withdrawal in the income of the state of illegally acquired property of the former employee of bodies of internal Affairs and his spouse, the total value of which exceeded 18 million rubles. found that in the 2013-2015 period, they have acquired three apartments, a house, three plots of land, cars, and also built a house area of 200 sq. m. And all this despite the fact that official annual household income was about 1.5 million rubles in an attempt to avoid monitoring costs the officer intentionally pointed out in proof of income false information and was subsequently dismissed in connection with loss of trust. A little over two weeks ago the court satisfied the claim of the Prosecutor of Omsk on the treatment of state income in the city of Dusseldorf (Germany) apartments with cars in the underground Parking belonging to the former Deputy of Omsk city Council and his wife. worth more than 12 billion rubles, which exceeds the total family income for the last three years preceding the transaction.

Colonel Zakharchenko tried to convince the court that the Prosecutor improperly tested its revenues. To justice, in his version, has attracted third party whose property under the law on control over expenses of officials should not be declared.

Prosecutor (to the court.— “B”) operated strictly according to the law, and no precedent in the system of collection and presentation of evidence in this process was not. The prosecution has every reason to impute to the former police officer breach of anti-corruption legislation, namely obtaining income from illegal sources, violation of Declaration campaign, the conflict of personal interests Zakharchenko with the interests of his service and society. As part of the investigation, the number of persons who contributed to the Commission of the crime of corruption Zakharchenko. These people without a proper income, suddenly became owners of apartments and other expensive property in the period of acquaintance and active communication with the Colonel. The facts that these third parties, which are allegedly illegal, according to the defense raised by the defendant in the suit, provided Zakharchenko your personal information for paperwork. The Prosecutor proved in court that all acquired a close circle of persons Zakharchenko actually bought with the money obtained by him by illegal means. Therefore, no broad interpretation of anti-corruption legislation here. A standard practice.

— Today overall picture of the corruption crime?

— I want to note that the available statistics do not always reflect the real scale of the acts committed. We must not forget that corruption crime is characterized by a high degree of latency. From year to year the number of detected crimes of this category grows. So, in 2014 the number of registered corruption-related crimes was 32, for the sum more than 12 billion rubles, in 2015 — 32, worth over 12 billion rubles, in 2016 — 32, worth over 12 billion rubles, and for the first nine months of 2017 — 24.8 thousand