Landscape with scrambled eggs and a picture of the mud: a most unusual art-instagram

Landscape with scrambled eggs and a picture of the mud: a most unusual art-instagram

MOSCOW, 8 Dec — RIA Novosti. Graffiti on the walls, pictures of cooking utensils and painting in the subway. Art surrounds people everywhere, and many artists find inspiration in the most unexpected way. Often, the results of his work for professional and Amateur spread in social networks, where these works become available to thousands of users.

In the international artist’s day, RIA Novosti publishes a selection of the most interesting and unexpected instagram accounts related to art.

In today’s world the distinction between the artist and the Amateur is not so clearly defined, according to the curator, critic and co-owner of one of the London galleries, Hans Ulrich Obrist. Social networks allow many users feel artists and creators. Obrist also does not remain aloof: he is a popular website which signed more than 200 thousand users. The curator publishes hand-written sayings and drawings by famous artists. In addition, in social networks, according to Obrist, he finds new talents.

The publication of Hans Ulrich Obrist (@hansulrichobrist) Nov 30 2017 at 6:36 PM PST

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Today works of art are created sometimes in the most unexpected way. British photographer Matt Crabtree’s ideas in the London underground.

He takes the passengers so that the photos resemble paintings in the spirit of the Renaissance.

The artist named his instagram — 16 Century Tube Passengers. In interviews, Cretu says that the subway cars very good lighting. In addition, the people — brooding and somewhat laid-back, often sitting in this position, though read prayers. The series has had several hundred pictures, and the photographer recently released a book.

Publication of 16th Century Tube Passengers (@16thcenturytube) Nov 10 2017 1:42 PST

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Artwork can be any plane or object photographed from an unusual angle. This principle apparently holds a graphic designer from Italy Franco Roncoroni. Thanks to a special vision for his photographs of ordinary buildings transformed into an absolutely fantastic design. However, attention is drawn not only difficult, but also the most simple and mundane things — like the wheel of a bus or an airplane wing.

Publication of Franco Roncoroni (@914k) Feb 9 2016 12:37 PST

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Creative Director of advertising Agency the American Brock Davis creates his paintings, combining beautiful scenery and food. Your collages Davis publishes only network, instagram has become for him the main exhibition platform. Apparently, American’s have and his circle of fans on his page signed by almost 200 thousand people.

deviled egg with water lilies – painting on my iphone photos with the #applepencil

Publication from Brock Davis (@brockdavis) APR 23 2017 10:19 PDT

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Food inspires and artist Olaf Bruninga, which creates the ironic portraits of products and the most unexpected materials. Funny faces he sees in the soup, frothy cappuccino or figure sawing wood.

mrs cappuhappu

Publication of Olaf Breuning (@olafbreuning) Nov 21 2017 at 9:50 am PST

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Famous works of art can become the prototype for new works. Photographer Freddy Fabris has made a series of pictures with employees of the station, which reproduced the composition of famous paintings of the Renaissance.

Renaissance Series at the AAF in London

Publication from Freddy Fabris (@freddyfabrisphoto) Jun 20 2016 10:48 PDT

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As a “canvas” for artwork authors today use any plane. A self-taught artist Nikita Golubev masterfully creates his work on a dirt-covered cars. This kind of “painting” nick called Dirty Art.

Work according to the master, requires a lot of precision: after all, erasing need the dirt back it will not return.

According to the author, the owners of the machines on which there were images, treat this with great enthusiasm. Photographs of the works the author puts on their pages in social networks.

Publication of Nikita Golubev (@proboynick) Oct 26 2017 6:52 PDT

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Their accounts in instagram are, of course, professional artists.

One of the most popular, with 1.8 million subscribers — the famous Banksy.

Here he lays out not only photos of his own works (a unique chance to see all of his creations), but also the works of other contemporary artists.

Publication from Banksy (@banksy) APR 26 2017 2:02 PDT

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Without social networks today is an academic Museum. The modern method of communication allows the Museum to attract new visitors to your halls and tell you about the collections outside of the traditional Museum space. A real leader in this case — the Metropolitan Museum of art in new York, which has over two million subscribers. The photographs are not only works of art but also the Museum weekdays.

Publication from The Met (@metmuseum) Nov 28 2017 at 4:05 PST

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Social media opens opportunities for creation of new virtual museums. One such project — a collection of photos where the heroes of the films as if doing a selfie.

Publication from the Museum Of Selfies ? (@museumofselfies) Jan 26, 2015 at 7:20 am PDT

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