“Hide think less of the honor and dignity”

“Hide think less of the honor and dignity”

The General and Colonel of the interior Ministry arrested for embezzlement of budget funds.

On Thursday, despite strong objections from the Prosecutor General’s office, the Basmanny district court has granted the motions of the RCDS about the arrest of head of the forensic centre (ekts) the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia the General-the Lieutenant Pyotr Grishin and his Deputy, Colonel Oleg Mazur. The jail went and entrepreneur Sergei Naruto suffering from cancer and undergoing this month two operations.

Moreover, it became known that these arrests are a result not going to be limited — in the case is still a number of unidentified persons.

All three requests for investigation were dealt with quickly. To send in prison of General Grishin, the court spent no more than twenty minutes.

Speaking at the meetings, the investigator of the SKR said that for embezzlement of budget funds of the Ministry of interior officials and merchants together in an organized group, which was led by General Grishin. In his instructions to the employees ekts, organizing tenders for the purchase of equipment and supplies, created the conditions in which they were won by a company controlled by Sergey Narutoo. His competitors for the participation in tenders is not allowed, and the company of Mr. Narutoa artificially inflated prices.

“The cost of the proposed equipment differed significantly from the other organizations that want to become suppliers to the interior Ministry”, — said the investigator TFR, indicating that for participants in the Scam the police Department managed to purchase, for example, 6 microscopes for 20 million rubles.

In total, according to the investigators, only three tenders gang members received about 90 million rubles (or 10 million more than was stated in the initial documents of the TFR), which was divided into three. General Grishin, said the investigator, at home and in the office were seized a large amount of money. Another 5 million rubles, according to him, found the Colonel Mazur.