Former Argentine President Kirchner accused of treason

Former Argentine President Kirchner accused of treason

Argentina’s ex-President Cristina de Kirchner was charged with treason. The court believes that she was involved in the explosion of the Jewish cultural center that killed 85 people.

A Federal judge has accused the former President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of treason and called for her arrest on the case of explosion at the Argentine Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires, which occurred in 1994. This is stated in the materials of the court, writes The Washington Post.

The judge accuses Kirchner that she covered up the role of Iran in the attack, which killed 85 people, in exchange for a “potentially lucrative trade agreement.” For the arrest of the former President asked the court to deprive her of immunity. At the moment, Kirchner holds the post of Senator.

In addition, the court arrested three former supporters and aides of the President, including ex-foreign Minister of Argentina Hector Timerman. He was placed under house arrest.