Drivers prepare to retake the standards

Drivers prepare to retake the standards

The authorities are developing stricter in the field of checkup of vehicles.

The economy Ministry has prepared a massive plan to reform inspection (MOT) car: in the near future the government will introduce amendments to the administrative code, criminal code and other laws. It is planned to tighten the rules for operators that they could not sell the citizens of the diagnostic card without checking the car. While car owners will be fined for the failed — pre-in the amount of 800 rubles.

Despite assurances of the Ministry of economy that all differences in the bills are resolved, experts say: to reform, there still remain many questions.

Ministry of economy has launched on the procedure of assessment of the actual influence (OFV) of the law “About checkup of vehicles”, which earned from January 1, 2012. Then, recall the test cars entrusted to private companies, taking control functions of the traffic police. Passes inspection and the fines overturned, but instead was introduced a diagnostic card, which insurers are required to verify by insurance. The act THEN assessed “in view of the special significance of the scope of inspection for the state and society”, explained “Kommersant” in the Ministry of economy. Procedure itself OFV allows the government to evaluate and adjust, if necessary, the invalid or ineffective provisions of the laws and regulations.

On the need for amendments to the law on the insurers and the traffic police say that for several years. Most drivers diagnostic card buy, not providing the car for inspection, this increases the number of accidents due to faulty cars (plus 16.5% for ten months in 2017).

According to Ministry of economy, the number of actual inspections conducted has decreased for five years in 20-33%. According to the Union of THE operators “techexpert”, only 20% of car owners give the car for inspection.