Us Senator caught in a hotel with a teenager

Ralph Shorty

Police in Oklahoma city found former state Senator Ralph Shorty in a hotel room with a minor. According to the guards, the teenager of 17 years, it is possible that he agreed to a sexual relationship with the politician in exchange for drugs. Reported by the New York Post.

The police called the boy’s father. Arrived on-call staff, knocking on the door and introduce himself, he heard inside talking to two people. One of them asked for a second to quickly get dressed.

On the shirt of former Senator, the guards opened the door, was a quote from the Bible (“the book of Ephesians” the Holy Apostle Paul), which call for wives to obey their husbands. The room smelled marijuana, a quantity of the drug and condoms found in the backpack of the man.

According to 35-year-old politician, who is married and has four children, in a room with a teenager “they just talked.” Police do not believe him and arrested former Senator. In the tablet of a teenager found his correspondence with Shorty, in which a grown man called the boy “my baby”.

Shorty was a Senator from Oklahoma from January 2011 to March 2017. He was forced to resign after he was suspected of distributing child pornography, the organization of the underground network of underage prostitutes, as well as forcing children to trade him. At the end of November this year, he pleaded guilty to these crimes. He faces 10 years in prison to life imprisonment and a fine of 250 thousand dollars.