The U.S. Congress has failed to impeach Trump

Donald Trump

The house of representatives overwhelmingly rejected the resolution on the impeachment of President Donald trump. Supported document 58, 364 has opposed, reports The Hill.

The resolution was introduced by Democrat al green. Campaigning to vote Yes, he said that the presidency trump led to the growth of racism and hatred in society, and discredited the institution of the President.

Voted against the document, not only Republicans, but also a significant number of Democrats. As noted by the leader of the democratic faction of Nancy Pelosi, now is not the time to consider articles of impeachment.

For impeachment of the President must gain a majority of votes in the house of representatives, and after that more than two thirds in the Senate.

By the end of October, the petition, posted on the website of the American billionaire Tom Styer, received over a million signatures.