The Russian saw an ambulance in Stockholm, the Swede admitted love of vodka and Schnittke

A resident of Stockholm Mons Jonasson, who first published the photo of the ambulance with the St. Petersburg rooms, in one of the districts of the city, wrote a post on Twitter specifically for the Russians.

The Swede noted that he did not meant anything wrong when he asked in his microblog about the causes of the Russian ambulance in the area of the Seder.

“I’m just consumed by curiosity as I’ve never seen a foreign ambulance. This is not an example of Swedish Russophobia. I love vodka and Alfred Schnittke” — he explained.

Earlier, on 7 December it was reported that one of the witnesses drew attention to the ambulance with the Russian numbers in the centre of the Swedish capital and posted a photo of the car on his Twitter page. Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet speculated that the car could take part in the filming of any movie or came to assist the employee of the Russian Embassy.

In depodesta said that they do not have any information about this. Subsequently, the physician paid ambulance “Petersburg neotlozhka” Michael Jalagania said that one of the teams had to bring home a Russian, who was injured in Sweden.

“When the car drove through Stockholm, in the words of the guys from the 11th brigade, was stopped by passers-by, as the man on the street it became bad”, — he said.

The man was given first aid, after which the Russian doctors gave the patient the Swedish doctors and left.