The Director of the orphanage bedspreads raped Schoolgirls Deputy

In the Kursk region opened a criminal case of negligence against the Director of boarding school №3 for children with disabilities, who knew that her Deputy has abused a pupil, but did not report it to the police. Soon, the man committed a similar crime. On Thursday, December 7, reported on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

According to investigators, in April, the Deputy Director on educational work raped a 10-year-old pupil with disabilities, taking advantage of his physical superiority and her helplessness. This became known to the teacher, she reported the crime to the Director. The head of school gave a verbal conversation with the Deputy, who denied the offense, but the girl won’t talk and the police said.

“The failure of the Director of the appropriate measures and stop the warning of nature in relation to the criminal acts of his Deputy eventually contributed to the Commission of other crimes against sexual inviolability of another juvenile girls of the boarding school”, — stated in the message. Woman removed from office.

According to “AIF — black earth”, the second victim for 13 years. The publication writes that the crime is 47-year-old teacher did in his office. One of the victim he also called on the phone and used “words and phrases aimed at the satisfaction of his sexual attraction to her.”

In the apartment of the detainee found evidence of his crimes. Against it criminal case under two articles: “sexual acts perpetrated against a person who has not reached fourteen-year age” and “Dissolute actions”. The police added that the girl feared retaliation from the rapist and didn’t report the crimes.