Small children were forced to wash the toilets in Samara kindergarten

One of the teachers of private kindergartens Samara punished the children by forcing them to clean toilets. The staff of regional Prosecutor’s office found out that at least four children — three boys and one girl — were sent to scrub toilets, writes

Earlier, one of the children told father and mother that during the quiet hours he couldn’t sleep. In the end, the teacher scolded him, dragged out of bed along with another boy was sent to clean toilets. While the children were washing the toilet, the woman “sat at his Desk and wrote some papers,” argued the child’s mother.

After that, my parents asked one of the teachers if she knew about the incident. According to her, this happened regularly. “Don’t you worry, your son washed the toilet for the first time! But the other boy brush them on a regular basis,” he quoted her young mother.

It was later revealed that the family of the second boy didn’t know how to punish their child. He told adults that he had to clean not only toilets, but also sinks in the bathroom from the bed of his stretched leg. The management of the kindergarten told parents that knew nothing about the situation.

According to the information portal, the head of the institution now on the sick-list and contact her can neither journalists nor employees of the Prosecutor’s office. The teacher, forcing kids to scrub toilets, has resigned.

At the end of November it became known that in St. Petersburg a decade gymnasts and forced to clean the toilet instead of exercising. The girls removed the feces with toilet paper. According to the parents, then one of the gymnasts got an intestinal infection.