Scientists have found the conditions under which trips are harmful to health

Scientists have found the conditions under which trips are harmful to health

MOSCOW, December 6 — RIA Novosti. Polluted air is neutralized the positive effect that can be obtained from walking. To such conclusion experts from Imperial College London. The results were published in the Lancet.

The study involved 119 people over the age of 60: 40 of them were healthy, 40 suffered from obstructive pulmonary disease, the remaining 39 from coronary heart disease.

One of the people had to walk through Hyde Park, another along a busy Oxford street. After some time (from three to eight weeks) they have changed. After each outing, the scientists measured the concentration of pollutants in both areas and a range of health outcomes in study participants.

It turned out that after walking through Hyde Park in healthy people was significantly increased vital capacity and arterial stiffness (a measure that is associated with the development of cardiovascular diseases). After the walk in Oxford street the first of these indicators is almost not growing, and the second fell.

In people with obstructive lung disease and coronary heart disease lung capacity increased slightly in both cases, the remaining markers were worsened by walking on a busy street. In particular, people experiencing heart problems, increased arterial stiffness, unless they used special drugs.

The study authors emphasize that although the study involved older people, the results apply to other populations. They urged people to avoid contaminated areas during any physical activity.

“Our research shows that healthy people, as well as people with chronic cardio-pulmonary diseases, should minimize walking through the streets with a high level of pollution [air ], because it reduces or even cancels the use activity to the heart and lungs,” according to scientists.