Saakashvili told how he lost 30 kilograms

Saakashvili told how he lost 30 kilograms

MOSCOW, December 6 — RIA Novosti. The leader of the party “movement new forces,” former President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili said that he had lost a few dozen pounds after lost his Ukrainian citizenship. The policy quotes the edition “Gordon”.


“When Poroshenko was deprived of my citizenship, I was not in very good shape, I was a little stouter, — Saakashvili said. — I lost 30 pounds. But that’s okay. He was put on a diet the entire Ukrainian people. We do not need such nutritionists”.

According to him, the current government is killing the middle class and small business, so the protests support these segments of the population.

“Why so many small businessmen are so many things here bring: firewood, money, tea, medicine for me? asks ex-President. Not because they love me. But because they love Ukraine… I feel the spirit of Maidan here now.”

On Tuesday Mikhail Saakashvili, was detained in a criminal case on the assistance of criminal organizations and covering up illegal activities. Supporters took it from the law enforcement officers then went to the center of Kiev to demand the resignation of Poroshenko. Later they organized a tent city. Now the ex-President of Georgia wanted.

From 17 October in front of the Parliament in Kiev there takes place termless protest action which participants demand to abolish parliamentary immunity, to conduct electoral reform and to adopt a law on anti-corruption court. Initially, the co-organizers of the action taken by political forces of different orientation, including the party “movement of new forces,” Saakashvili said. After the first week of meetings the majority of participants declared the termination of protest.