Michael I like the legend of the XX century. The incredible life story of the king of Romania

Michael I like the legend of the XX century. The incredible life story of the king of Romania

On 97-m to year of life has died the former king of Romania Mihai I, who was the head of state. Under his leadership, the country fought in the Second world war consistently on the side of Hitler coalition, and then — allies.

Sic transit gloria mundi — the news is supposed to be among the most important, but it went unnoticed by the second plan. The death of the last of the heads of States during the Second world war was not in the top, put the new-fangled language.

Former king of Romania Michael I died on the ninety-seventh year, long ago turned into a living legend, without age, as if without a body, staying in the status, rather, myth. The very consciousness that somewhere lives a man standing on a par with Churchill and Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, seemed somehow otherworldly vision.

Mihai became king for the first time in 1927, when the authorities in France was poincaré, who visited Russia in 1913 the status of the President, and adopted by Nicholas II, in Hungary — rules of the Austro-Hungarian Admiral Horthy, he was Clemenceau who had distinguished themselves even in the Paris commune, but Stalin still had full power and did not fight with Rykov and Bukharin. It is clear that the young king did not rule it alone, but technically he was already sitting on the throne.

His father Carol was alive, healthy and relatively young. The reason why six-year-old Mihai succeeded to the throne, was the scandalous behavior of its parent. Carol, being the crown Prince, first married a girl not from the Royal family without the consent of his father, king Ferdinand I, then he, under pressure from relatives of the divorced and remarried to the Greek Princess Elena. The fruit of this “legal” marriage and became Mihai.

But soon his father met Magda Lupescu — the daughter of Jewish origin, married to a former officer, and fell in love with her.

Scandalous affair shocked the high society of Romania. The Prince had to renounce his rights to the throne and emigrate from the country

However, the Regency Council with little Mihai managed so poorly that in Romania there was a movement for the return of Karol, what happened in 1930, when he was proclaimed king.

The second reign and the arrest of Antonescu

The mother of Mihai left the country the next ten years he spent mostly separated from her. However, in 1940, Romania was in a deep political crisis. By the time king Carol II has made a coup, assumed all power. For this he took, including killing the legendary Mihai Codreanu, founder and leader of the “Iron guard”. But the stronger the position of the monarchy within the country, the weaker Romania looked in the international arena. In 1940 the Soviet Union took her Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, and Hungary — up to the Vienna arbitration, part of Transylvania. To carry such shame was impossible, and Carol II abdicated and fled to Magda Lupescu from the country. Otherwise, they could overthrow by force. Mihai again became king.