Maduro said about betrayal among his friends, robbing the people

Maduro said about betrayal among his friends, robbing the people

MEXICO city, December 6 — RIA Novosti. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday said the presence of traitors among his associates, is mired in corruption.

“I feel betrayed a group of friends who received government positions, to organize the mafia and steal from the people of Venezuela,” said Maduro in a state television broadcast.

Concrete surnames he did not name, however, immediately expressed gratitude to the attorney-General Tarek William Saab for his fight against corruption. In late November, Saab announced the arrest of Eulochio del Pino and Nelson martínez, head of the Ministry of petroleum and mining and PDVSA company. They are suspected of involvement in corruption.

According to Saab, for a total of at least 50 managers of PDVSA was arrested as part of an investigation of corruption inside the company. According to him, the audit of contracts in the oil belt of the Orinoco river in 2010-2017 years, the Agency has identified cases of price increases to 230% in the number of joint ventures. Only the Prosecutor’s office reviewed the contracts, totaling about $ 35 billion.

Also on suspicion of corruption detained the leadership Citgo, which is a us subsidiary of PDVSA, including the President of the company josé ángel Pereira Rokvic. The reason for the detention was the contract signed with two financial institutions to refinance the debt 2014-2015 on terms unfavorable to PDVSA. In particular, the guarantees it was proposed that the Citgo property, and therefore property of the state.