Kuban asked the Governor to ban them die in the rain

The inhabitants of the Kuban farm Freedom asked the Governor Veniamin Kondratiev forbid them to die in rainy weather. The reason is that during rain the road to two cemeteries, which runs through the field, is unfit for travel, the “MK In the Kuban”.

“We ask the road to “the other world” (the cemetery of the village of Freedom) to do at least relatively civilized roads to Eternity or to prevent residents of the village Freedom to die in rainy or inclement weather, because to get to the cemetery very difficult even with a tractor,” — said in a letter addressed to the head of the region.

Retired farm appealed to the Governor with a request to make a gravel road to the cemetery, after another incident with the tractor challenge, which is “barely dragging in tow a hearse with a coffin and next of kin, and the men marching behind the hearse, ankle-bogged down in impassable mud.”

To fight for passage to the grave sites of local people began in 2012, told the publication the Deputy of the Council of the Kurganinsky city settlement of the Kurganinsky area Anatoly Gushchin. According to him, full of hearses roads plowed agricultural company “Caucasus”.

In the administration of the Kurganinsky city settlement promised to allocate land under roads to the cemeteries of the village of Liberty. But all that has been achieved in two years, to ask “Caucasus” cease to plow the access roads to the churchyard.

Earlier TRANS-Baikal Prosecutor’s office has accused officials in the infringement of the rights of a pensioner who applied for assistance in the acquisition of a coffin to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. The man turned to the head of state, left without means of livelihood.