Irkutsk nun was forbidden to retain their virginity in “the Box”

Irkutsk service storage “Box” advertised their services with a banner with the image of sucking a Lollipop girl in a cassock and says “I’m keeping your virginity these guys”. The regional office of the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) recognised the ad offensive.

Ads placed including in one of the Irkutsk shopping malls. After complaints from citizens banner removed service “Box” apologized for the advertising.

In early December, the FAS has fined on 100 thousand rubles Chelyabinsk microfinance organization, which released a promotional pocket calendars with the image of Jesus Christ and prayer “our father”.

Prior to that, in Krasnoyarsk diner menu appeared “Sobchak Burger” with horsemeat for 399 rubles. The institution assured that the dish should have been called “the Chuck Burger”, but adorned the menu designer made a typo. Burger decided to remove from sale after complaints and threats from visitors.