In Germany has allowed the sale of “gallows for Merkel”

The court of Saxony authorized the sale of mini-gallows with the names of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. It is reported by Zeit Online.

In its decision, the court noted that this product is not a “public call to commit a criminal offence”. Moreover, the verdict specified that from an objective point of view, the production and sale of such products can also be understood as “symbolic political death wish”.

The verdict also highlights that the case is not a precedent, and every subsequent similar case should be considered separately, as it may contain signs of a criminal offense.

The Berliner Kurier newspaper reminds that the first such products appeared on the demonstrations anti-Islam movement Pegida in Dresden in 2015. Hinges were attached sign reading: “reserved for Angels”, “reserved for Sigmar”. Currently these crafts are sold as Souvenirs for 15 euros apiece.