How is life in new York “communal” with views of the Manhattan skyline

How is life in new York “communal” with views of the Manhattan skyline

The TASS correspondent visited the apartment, which implements the concept of Co-living — dorms of a new era.

Viewing platform, which at a glance you can see the skyscrapers of Manhattan, cosy, bright rooms and a neat kitchen with microwaves, spacious lounge, a fitness room, Laundry, storage room for bikes — so looks modern youth “communal” on Baltic street in the neighborhood Boerum hill in the new York borough of Queens. It was organized by the Center for foreign journalists accredited in all new York media professionals.

Communal Paradise without the hassle and worries

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In addition not the usual architecture is a two — storey superstructure that rises like the bridge, over seven floors, this building is interesting because is a clear demonstration of a new and increasingly popular in American cities, the concept of Co-living (living together), which, in turn, is an integral part of the new trend of Collaborative consumption (collaborative consumption). In new York this concept is implemented in the framework of Common project of the Baltic, and now the same hostel established in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington. The degree of popularity of this project shows that when Common Baltic was going to open its doors, the number of applications from those wishing to settle there reached 12 thousand

“In fact, we are talking about something more than living together, because people like yourself who share premises and have common interests and intentions,” — said in an interview with TASS managing it is not quite a hostel-brad Hargreaves.

“Our tenants are young people who arrived in new York for study or business, he said. — We have 70 spaces for cohabitation and 67 apartments-studios. In General, we are able to make 135-140. Among our tenants — as Americans and citizens of other countries. Rents in new York are high, so we offer them a very competitive option: shared accommodation — with shared kitchen, shower and a work space.”

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