Found snake with the most durable leather

Found snake with the most durable leather

American biologists have compared the hardness and strength of the skin of several species of snakes. It turned out that the best protection has calabaria (Calabaria reinhardtii), a snake from West Africa. Description of the study can be found in the Journal of Morphology.

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Growing up to a meter in length Calabria preys on little rodents, and it is often necessary to outlast their parents. To withstand the bites of sharp teeth, a snake need a sound skin.

The authors compared the thickness and strength of the skin 14 of snakes, including Calabria. They studied the samples under a microscope, tested with the force sensor, used medical needles. The result was that in order to damage the skin of Calabria requires a force 15 times greater than for any other studied in the work of the serpent.

Having examined the snake’s skin under a microscope, scientists saw that it consists of several layers of collagen, and the fibers of each of them perpendicular to the previous one. The skin retains elasticity and flexibility. These properties of skin are already interested in the pharmaceutical company, working to robust gloves that do not interfere with movements.