“Doctor” with antibiotics: Roskoshestvo called good and bad sausage

“Doctor” with antibiotics: Roskoshestvo called good and bad sausage

Roskoshestvo checked the doctor’s sausage. Experts evaluated 30 of the most popular on the Russian market brands. Have 14 brands doctor’s sausage was really “doctor” — it has traces of antibiotics.

The audit was conducted on 70 indicators. The main conclusion of the experts, check the sausages produced in the Belgorod, Vladimir, Vologda, Kursk, Leningrad, Moscow, Pskov, Saratov, Tver and Tomsk regions, in Mordovia, Stavropol Krai, Moscow and St. Petersburg- they can be eaten.

Moreover, almost all the studied brands safe for health. However, identified and impurities.

In the world there are more poultry than pork sausage

GOST requires the presence of doctoral sausage pork-beef and chicken meat in it should not be. This rule is violated products brands “Egor” and “Tsaritsyno”. Produced by GOST sausage discovered chicken meat mechanically separated. In one case in his doctoral sausage had discovered horse DNA. The presence of horse meat in sausage mince distinguished “Klinskoe” doctor.

In one case, the composition of the sausage was identified soy. At the same time “. meat” its presence on the label is not stated. “Gorin Product” uses in the production of doctoral sausage corn. However, traces of corn does not allow to know whether the corn is added to the product intentionally or by accident.

Doctoral sausage without toilet paper, cats and dogs

In his doctoral sausage “kinds of sausages starodvorskie” the manufacturer specifies animal protein, particles of bone and cartilage, skin birds and fragments of the heart. Because the sausage is not stated by GOST, and on the other, it is not a violation. In the sausage “snow country”, the experts found pieces of heads, the particles of the mucous membranes and cartilage. It is also a violation of the rights of consumers because the manufacturer has not stated about the presence of bone and cartilage on the label.