Dislike of oral sex was brought to the Russian militiamen

A resident of Dubovsky district, Volgograd region appealed to the investigators a statement about the rape, but during the interview, confessed that he resorted to such measures due to fear of oral sex. On Wednesday, 6 December, reports of “Windows of Volgograd”.

According to the newspaper, 5 Dec 52-year-old woman reported the abuse of her “unnatural form” from the 51-year-old civil spouse. According to her, the man with whom she lived the last four years, was not able to complete sexual intercourse and each time asked for her help in the form of oral sex that caused her disgust.

“During the interview, the victim refused to write the statement. She explained that to attract a partner to criminal liability and doesn’t want to leave him also not because he loves. To the police she turned to her husband ceased to persuade her to have sex “in an unnatural” form”, — said the publication of the head of regional Department regional Department of the Investigative Committee of the Roman Shestopalov.

Earlier, in October, Yekaterinburg complained to the police on a prostitute because of a failure in oral sex. Treatment men was registered in police division No. 13 of Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in Yekaterinburg.